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Highly accurate coding and labelling :

Streamline your warehouse and inventory management systems with the right barcoding solution. This can help you implement mobile and desktop barcode label printers, so you can increase productivity and labelling accuracy in your operation. Our label printers can print on self-adhesive labels, tickets or thicker card stock (e.g. tags), using either a thermal transfer or direct thermal print method.
All our printers are quick and easy to deploy and extremely user-friendly for warehouse operations. Plus, because of their robust, high quality design, you can be sure that they will perform in even the most demanding environment.



Flexible barcode scanning :

From handheld and fixed barcode scanners through to vehicle-mounted computers, range of barcode scanning technology provides everything you need to simplify and streamline your data collection process.
Whether for simple or complex applications, our barcode scanners are fast, easy to use, highly accurate and extremely versatile. Discover our corded and cordless models designed for industrial applications, including mobile units for enhanced portability. Ideal for warehouse applications, Barcode WMS software to provide high decoding performance, reliability and high scanning speed for most barcode symbologies, even damaged or poorly printed barcodes.



RFID Warehouse Management Solution :

RFID warehouse management software is affordable and easy to use. The system is feature rich and offers an intuitive user interface that comes with multiple cost-effective versions to maximize efficiency and optimize labor productivity in warehouses of all sizes. Each version provides core functions for the warehouse operations including physical inventory, shipping, receiving, and picking. As your business grows the WMS RFID will also grow, we keep in adding new functions and upgrades. These can include supplementary features like space management, RFID data collection EFCF compliance, and user defined sequence that works in zone picking, batch order management, replenishment, 3PL billing, and web order access and cross docking support.

RFID Barcode